Moody man died Friday while doing a friend a favor.

KWTX News 10 is reporting that a long time resident of Moody has passed away after being attacked by bees.

It seems Edward Hohhertz, 66, was doing a favor for a friend by mowing an overgrown yard. According to Moody Police, Mr. Hohhertz hit a beehive and was attacked. The attack took place in the 700 block of 2nd Street in Moody. He was able to phone his wife while the attack was taking place.

First responders were unable to reach the man as the bees were just too aggressive, and the swarm too large.

McGregor firefighters came to help, and since they carry bee suits on their trucks, were able to remove him from the yard. But they too were stung. In fact, most everyone who responded was stung.

The Justice of the Peace for Pct. 4, Brian Richardson, was called the scene and ruled the death an accident. He said..."From just the appearance--there are hundreds, or more, bee stings on his body. Unfortunately, he passed away and he was highly allergic, as I've been told. I don't know a lot about bees: I do now that they're attracted and agitated by noises, and I do know that if you are highly allergic to them, I would keep some Benadryl or an EpiPen if you have it available."

City of Moody officials released a statement on the tragedy, warning about outside dangers.

"As the weather warms and families go to the outdoors, we must all be aware that we coexist with nature and nature’s creatures; some who are not friendly," said William A. Sterling, Moody City Administrator. "As my entire community mourns this loss, our hearts go out to the family."

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