Metta World Peace thinks Chris Brown could have had a career in the NBA if he'd wanted to go that route.

According to a report TMZ published today (Aug. 5), the former Los Angeles Laker asserts that Brown isn't just a decent player for an artist. The former Los Angeles Lakers sat down with TMZ's Van Lathan for an episode of Lathan'sThe Red Pill Podcast in which they had a discussion about rappers honing in on their talents on the court. That's when Peace admitted that he thinks Brown can shoot hoops "better than a lot of people."

"I thought Chris Brown should've been in the league," Metta World Peace told Lathan. "Not now, but he should've. Before like ten years ago when I played with Chris, yes."

Metta went on to describe his experience playing with the "Undecided" singer over a decade ago. He claims that Brown is a great penetrator and can be really aggressive when he's going for the basket. Metta also acknowledges that The Game and Young Buck aka Buck Shotz also have decent skills on the court.

"He was still young—didn't have a shot—but what young player has a shot?" World Peace said about Brown. "I like that he was very smooth...really good penetrator and really aggressive when attacking the basket. I thought he was one of the best ones I've seen."

Over the years, Chris Brown has drawn attention to himself on the court at celebrity basketball games with the likes of The Game, YG, Joey Bada$$, Justin Bieber and more. While he doesn't think Brown should be in the league today, Peace still agrees that the singer goes hard in the paint.

Van Lathan's episode featuring Metta World Peace drops Tues., Aug. 6 but catch C. Breezy's basketball highlights for yourself below. There's even a clip of Breezy and MWP playing in the same game.

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