I'm not really a big Halloween guy actually, getting dressed everyday is a hassle in itself let along going the EXTRA mile to dress up just for one day. Besides I never pick any good costumes anyway. But that doesn't put me in a down spirit or anything, because I'm guaranteed to eat a crap ton of candy.

But not to be totally humbuggish about the "holiday", I have decided to share with you my 5 favorite jams of Halloween, like to hear them, here they go!

  • 1

    "Freaks Come Out At Night" - Whodini

    "Freaks" isn't necessarily a "scary" song, but it does have a "spooky" vibe to it and of course they only come out at night.

  • 2

    "Nightmare On My Street" - DJ Jazzy Jeff And The Fresh Prince

    I know you remember this jam! Will Smith aka the artist formerally known as "The Fresh Prince" crafted a Halloween classic spooking "The Nightmare On Elm Street" movie series.

  • 3

    "My Mind Playing Tricks On Me" - Geto Boys

    "This year Halloween fell on a weekend, me and Geto Boys are Trick or treatin"....That's all you need to know right there for this spooky classic!

  • 4

    "Somebodys Watching Me" - Rockwell

    With backup from "The King of Pop", Rockwell can expect a royalty check every year because this one gets heavy spins at this time of the year. Speaking of which...

  • 5

    "Thriller" - Michael Jackson

    Seriously, what other song you know is quite possibly the ONLY theme song for Halloween since "The Monster Mash"?