What can I say that hasn't already been said about this movie event!

I checked out Marvel's "Black Panther" last night and just like you, you heard all the critical acclaim the movie has received, but I made sure to not to fall too deep into the hype machine and be my own judge.

The hype is real.

For starters, let's talk about the story. If you're not a comic book person, the movie does a great job of getting you up to speed on the characters and who they are and also (pause for comic nerd talk) how they fit into the Marvel cinematic universe saga.

Next, this isn't your typical "superhero beats villain" movie. The characters have layers and reasons for their actions and a "villain" that's believable while most superhero movies have just your basic "I just wanna destroy stuff" arcs. And each of the main characters are fighting inner battles that everyone can relate to.

The action sequences were great as well while I'm not too big on CGI fight scenes, those were limited. The action was fast paced and the visuals were absolutely stunning. If you can check it out in IMAX format. It is also very hilarious as well!

I have to say, I truly enjoyed this movie and YOU HAVE TO GO SEE IT. And let me address the elephant in the room, you might say that because I'm "African-American" I might be biased, but I saw this movie with my 2 sons in a nearly sold out theater where the audience was overwhelmingly Not Black and everyone applauded at the movie's end, because great STORIES no matter the race, can still connect and unite us all.  (AND STAY UNTIL AFTER ALL THE CREDITS HAVE RUN....That's the only spoiler I will share).

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