I will admit that I don't like to cook very often but I've been known to get busy behind a BBQ grill every once an awhile. I prefer (like everyone else) to go out to eat but of course the salary of lowly on-air personality in Killeen-Temple keeps me from indulging in such luxuries as often as I would like.

So I was up late one night going over old emails when I saw an email from Best Buy reminding me that I had about $60 in "rewards" to spend before they expire. Knowing most guys in my shoes would have used those rewards to buy a video game or something else but I decided to use my rewards to buy an air fryer since I've been hearing so much about them lately.

Besides, if I don't like it, I technically wouldn't be losing any money since I'm using "reward points" for it and its going to cost me next to nothing anyway so I got one!

Now in my excitement to test it out, I dumped a whole bag of frozen french fries inside of it and went to cooking. I have to say it works like a charm even though I stuffed too many fries into it and they came out kind of soggy but still hot and delicious  nonetheless.

So I'm asking you "Kitchen Masters" and "Kitchenistas" out there to share some of your air dryer recipes with me so I can make delicious, mostly fat free, food like yall. Drop some air dryer recipes in the comments or links and help a brother out!

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