People Magazine came out with its annual "Sexiest Man Alive" issue and while everyone knows that its actor Idris Elba, did you know how the rest of the list turned out? You probably don't care but I made the list too!

Okay, as you can tell, this is not true. I don't know how People Magazine comes up with these rankings on "sexiest man alive" but I figured "meh" I might as well start my campaign to make next year's list!

So I'll share a few photos of my damn sexy self from over the years to showcase why I should be on next years list.


Back before I grew my beard out, I was a baby faced assassin. But I had to grow my beard out because I was tired of getting carded to buy alcohol and older heads kept calling me "Young Buck".

Melz Easter Suit

I should be a model for Stacy Adams because I can make your Deacon Uncle's Easter Suit look damn good!

Melz & Leon

I get comparisons to legendary actor and fellow heartthrob Leon a lot...okay not really.

Melz TMZ 2

And I'm a TV star so I think I'm famous enough to make the People Magazine list, don't you agree?

With the election over, there's only one real campaign that you should be worried about: getting Melz elected as "The Sexiest Man Alive of 2019!".

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