After learning that Miles Brock was gay and then falling apart on national television in last week's episode of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood, we weren't sure how much more Amber Hunter could take. However, in this week's episode, she calls Miles and finds out that Milan Christopher has been the man that he's been dating for a while now.

Although that feels like a low blow for Amber, she's infuriated by the fact that she, Miles and Milan have hung out in the past and little did she know of this love nest they were building. But instead of breaking down again, she's ready to hash things out with the man whose come between her and the guy she loves.

Teairra Mari catches up with Moniece Slaughter and reveals that she wants to get liposuction done. But Moniece doesn't judge and lets Teairra do her. Meanwhile, Fizz and Cameron, his 5-year-old son with Moniece, are kicking it at home. Although he loves his child, Fizz admits that Moniece isn't pulling her weight when it comes to watching him on the weekends, which is sad because Cameron really wants to see her.

Although Fizz and Moniece may have issues regarding the care of their son, Rich Dollaz is in the picture and really wants to make it work with Moniece. So he sits down with her mom, Marla, who warns him about Moniece's temper and why she ended up going to jail after an argument with Fizz. According to Marla, Fizz was just there to pick up Cameron and Moniece freaks out so much that the police not only booked her but then also had enough to give full custody of their son to Fizz. Despite all the information, Rich still seems like he's ready to be in this complicated situation -- all in the name of love. But how long will he last?

But back to Fizz. As previously mentioned, Fizz loves his son but is frustrated that Moniece hasn't been much of a mother to Cameron. So when Omarion and Fizz caught up, the singer let all his frustrations out. And while Omarion commends Fizz for what he's doing, he agrees with Fizz when he mentions bringing Moniece's mom into the situation because some things need to change. However, when he meets with Marla, the conversation doesn't go the way he wanted. She tells him that Moniece clearly doesn't want to be a mother, and he should just go to court and take full custody of Cameron. But, Marla still wants to see her grandson.

Things go from bad to worse when Marla says that both Fizz and Moniece have not been pulling their weight as parents. Fizz quickly starts tearfully defending himself and explains that he didn't grow up with a dad so he doesn't want the same thing for his son. Marla tries to calm him down and tells him that she knows what he's going through because she did that with Moniece when she was 19 and that it's all a part of single parenting.

Fizz finally meets up with Moniece about what's going on and why she won't see her son. Moniece then gets even more upset when she finds out that he and her mom have been talking. Moniece then eventually breaks down and accuses Fizz of not caring about her. Fizz tries to calm her down and tells her that he is and will always be there for her no matter what, but she needs help on figuring out how to be a better mother to Cameron.

Hazel-E just got back from Dubai where she suffered an four-wheeler accident that did damage to her nose. So Milan and Nikki Mudarris, who meet for the first time, rush to Hazel's side and be there for their friend. Hazel recounts her accident and says she was riding around but then ended up falling off and hitting her face on the handlebars while making a turn. She was immediately taken to the hospital where doctors made sure there was no head trauma. However, her nose was so damaged that she had to be rushed back to the U.S. in order to save the facial feature. Otherwise, it would be dead. Despite the fact that they did save her nose, Hazel broke down about how she would eventually look and how that could affect her career. And even though one can think this is superficial, you can't blame a girl who's been a target for the tabloids all the time. But when the bandages come off after her reconstruction surgery, Hazel can't handle how it looks and breaks into tears. Teairra is there to support her, but she just recognize herself.

Nia Riley is trying to move on from her last fight with Soulja Boy and hosts an event. However, she was shocked when her dad walked in to chat with her about Soulja and the Nas issue. Despite his worry, she reassures her father that she's got the situation under control and knows how to handle it. And while he's worried about her, her dad agrees to Nia's terms and explains that he'll always be there to support her. But she does sit down with Soulja to take about her dad's visit. Despite all the issues they've gone through, she wants to work things out and really have a conversation about it with Soulja Boy. The conversation does look positive because the rapper does admit his wrongdoings and that he does love Nia. Unfortunately he also admits that he knows who he is and doesn't seem like he wants to change no matter who it could hurt.

Brandi and Max Boyd meet with Nick Cannon about her music career. However the meeting doesn't necessarily go the way she planned when Nick called her out for not getting her stuff together and that he's been spending a lot of money on her project. But all is not completely lost when Nick strongly suggests that Brandi works with Max in the studio to finish up her album. Unfortunately, Max is really hesitant to the collaboration, but he does agree to it. Then when they get into the studio, all his fears come true. Brandi and Max just don't work well together in the studio and eventually get into an argument.

Things are really getting heated on Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. So make sure to tune in next week to see how it all unfolds.

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