Arianators, you might want to be sitting down for this! MTV is currently streaming some of the brand-new songs from Ariana Grande's upcoming album, 'My Everything,' and you can listen to them right here -- right now! Eeek.

First up is 'Love Me Harder,' a super sultry duet between Ari and the Weeknd. The track is rocking somewhat of an '80s vibe, and we can't get over the wickedly sexy lyrics!

"And if in the moment I bite my lip / baby in that moment you'll know this is something bigger than us," Ariana sings, as the Weeknd later croons: "Can you feel the pressure between your hips / I'll make you feel like the first time." Whoa!

We're totally digging the straight-up R&B sound of 'Be My Baby,' featuring Cashmere Cat. The track continues with the seductive theme from 'Love Me Harder,' with lyrics like "If you know how to be my lover, maybe you can be my baby / Hold me close under the covers, kiss me boy and drive me crazy." We're definitely feelin' the more mature vibe on 'My Everything' so far!

Next is the Harry Styles-penned ballad 'A Little Bit of Your Heart,' and Ariana's strong vocals shine through on the stripped-down, melodic track. The song is gorgeously poignant, a simple ode to love with just Ari's voice and the soothing notes of a piano in the background. "Just a little bit of your heart / Just a little bit of your heart / Just a little bit of your heart is all I want," she croons on the chorus.

Ariana kicks it up a notch with the final preview track, 'Why Try.' The song boasts a steady drum beat in the background, but her voice is once again the standout on the smooth song, letting those vocals do their thing as she belts her heart out on the bridge.

Listen to the four songs from 'My Everything' above, and don't forget to pick up the album when it drops on Aug. 25!

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