I could not be more proud of this Killeen, Texas native, s

Shaniqua Thomas is most definitely a self-made boss here in Killeen, Texas. There’s just no other way to describe this young lady, and I couldn't be more proud of her.

Shaniqua is the owner and operator of Styluz, a boutique that has been servicing Central Texas for a while now. She has overcome so many obstacles as an entrepreneur and businesswoman, and has recently decided to jump into a new venture - podcasting.

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Courtesy of Shaniqua Thomas
Courtesy of Shaniqua Thomas

Shaniqua's getting ready to launch a podcast titled Let Shaniqua Tell It. She'll feature local celebrities and socialites of Central Texas who'll get a chance to voice their opinions on topics of interest to local entrepreneurs, or anyone looking for engaging conversation about what's happening here in the Killeen area.

Much of what we see about Killeen in the media can tend to be negative, so hopefully Shaniqua can help shine a spotlight on a lot of the positive and fun things happening here, along with the ways other businesswomen and men are finding success in Central Texas.

If you want to follow her progress once the podcasts launches live on September 1, here's a handy link.

Courtesy of Shaniqua Thomas
Courtesy of Shaniqua Thomas


Shaniqua is not only breaking barriers, but she’s also breaking the rules when it comes to being a boss. Shaniqua is the type of business owner and entrepreneur that doesn’t mind if you don’t allow her to sit at the table because she brought her own table with matching forks and napkins!

This woman is really a force to be reckoned with and an example of when people tell you to no, you show them why they should have said yes!

Keep being bossing up, lady! Make sure to check out all the upcoming shows here.

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