Doom and gloom goddess Lana Del Rey has dropped her new song 'West Coast,' the first single from her much-anticipated 'Ultraviolence' album. While the record has no firm or concrete release date that we know of, this is the first audio treat from the album and hell yes, we're feeling it.

The song is moody and melancholic, which is what we've come to expect from LDR, thanks to that kittenish voice and the noir-esque sonics that define the song. That's her M.O. and she certainly revisits the formula with her new material.

But the song also has a slightly '70s vibes in the initial verses, thanks to the plucky strings, before developing into a full on, vintage LDR shoe-gazer track in the choruses and the coda. While some of her more recent tunes -- 'Young and Beautiful' from 'The Great Gatsby' and 'Once Upon a Dream' for 'Maleficent' -- were epic and otherworldly, 'West Coast' brings LDR back down to earth a little. We said "a little."

There is nothing urgent about the song. LDR takes her time making her points and her voice moves at its own pace, but there is some escalation of tension in several moments and parts.

Have a listen and let LDR take you down to the West Coast. The song sounds like something that Quentin Tarantino would use in one of his films. Right? Let's hope the director has his ear tuned to Lana Del Rey and her music, since her voice and the vibe of this song sound like they would fit one of his shoot 'em up epics.

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