Too. Much. Diva. For. One. Reality. Show. Finale!

Lady Gaga performed 'Do What U Want' on the Season 5 finale of 'The Voice' last night (Dec. 17) and she did so with a special, powerhouse assist from coach Christina Aguilera.

We're going to forget that when Xtina was promoting 'Bionic' back in 2010, she reportedly dissed Gaga a few times.

We're living in the present and the here and now. The blond divas, dressed in similar shiny, latex-like, cream-colored, disco-style outfits, held hands while performing, clung to each other while seated on a chaise lounge and looked at each other seductively. Rawr!

They even drank champagne from flutes while linking arms. It was sexually-charged and divalicious from start to end.

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