Killeen ISD put out an official release Wednesday that says all students will "once during each school day recite the pledges of allegiance to the United States and Texas flags" as per school board policy. 

The Killeen Daily Herald reports this rule from KISD comes just after a parent complained her child was harassed by teachers after she failed to stand during the pledge. KWTX reports the child was asked to leave the classroom for not standing.

According to the school board's legal policy a student is required to stand for the pledge unless they have a signed note from a parent or guardian. KISD plans to continue this policy.

Killeen 6th-Grader Melodie Banks said in a grievance from August 31st that she didn't want to pray to the flag cause it wouldn't get her into heaven. Melodie says the teacher ordered her out of the room and said she "was not going to heaven". After the pledge was over, Melodie says she came back to the class room but was ordered to stand for the remainder of the period.

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