When we were literally starting to get our feet wet here in Killeen, Texas, a news release stated that a favorite splash pad that was closed for months and finally reopened in July has to be closed again. However, it's not all bad news.

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That's right - the splash pad at Long Branch Park will again need to be shut down for repairs. In case you missed it, they just reopened it less than a week ago. Bummer.

So, why are they roping it off again, so to speak? According to the City of Killeen, workers identified two large mainline water leaks early Monday morning (Aug. 1) which are in dire need of attention.

The Water Department and Recreation Services are working together to make sure that these repairs are done properly, that way we can get back to a little bit of fun in the sun in Central Texas.

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The Longbranch splash pad had reopened on July 29 after it had been closed for most of the summer.

Being someone who lives on that side of town, you can imagine the excitement of my small children ready to enjoy themselves. Now I'll have to break the sad news to them.

The North side of Killeen will definitely be notified once the repairs and all the tests that need to be conducted are completed just to reassure the community that everything is working how it needs to.

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The good news is that, starting today, the City of Killeen is offering access to the Family Aquatic Center at a discounted rate for the remainder of the poolside season. So maybe you won’t be able to enjoy the splash pad, but we still have an alternative for all of Central Texas to stay cool during the remainder of the summer.

Let's have a little fun before school starts!

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