Every town has at least one under-the-radar spot that thrives on word-of-mouth, and Killeen, Texas is no exception. Check out this hidden breakfast gem.

Running late in the morning is probably one of the most frustrating and nerve-racking situation to be in, but to make matters worse, if you haven’t had your coffee the rest of the day is probably going to go bad.

Now those Starbucks lines sometimes wrap around the building twice, and you could really be sitting there for more than 15 to 20 minutes. I know I have waited in line in a coffee shop before for 30 minutes. Thank goodness I wasn’t late for work.

With that in mind, I want to recommend a place that's not on many people's radar, but is easy to get in and out of during your commute.

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Courtesy of Piggie
Courtesy of Piggie


Wally's Donuts in Killeen is a Hidden Gem

If you’re from the north side of Killeen, there’s a hidden gem we all know about where you can get a piping hot, fresh cup of coffee. They also have delicious cappuccino, kolaches, donuts, and my all-time favorite, croissant sandwiches.

Two words, four syllables: "Wally's Donuts".

If You Know, You Know


If you’re not familiar with Wally's, that’s probably because you don’t live on the north side of Killeen. This super quaint by always fast and friendly coffee shop is one of those places you just kinda know about if you're from that particular area.

Wally's has always been a place that you went to right before school started. I would get  a fresh cappuccino that was always nice and hot, plus a golden crisp yet soft  and buttery croissant with egg, ham, and cheese. Oh my goodness, that takes me back you have no idea.

Courtesy of Piggie
Courtesy of Piggie


Let's Keep This Between Us

So the next time you’re rushing through traffic and thinking to yourself I need to be the first in line at one of those big wig coffee shops, remember Wally's on the north side of town. The lines are always very small, the service is amazing, and the food is absolutely delicious.

Now I’m only telling you this Central Texas because we’re family and I know you can keep a secret!

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