From 2019 until now, we have dealt with some outrageous events that put a damper on everyone’s mood, even here in Killeen, Texas.

The number one thorn in our butts would most definitely have to be the deadly and dangerous coronavirus pandemic. I feel like if we had to sum up how we feel as a human race after the past couple of years, it would just be one word: exhausted!

If I can point to something positive that's happened during these trying times, it's that people have continued to try to life each other's spirits and bring smiles to people's faces, including a local business owner I admire.


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Sharon Hines Brought Laughter Back to the City

Courtesy of Dana Smith
Courtesy of Dana Smith

A Good Cry Needs a Better Laugh

When I think of happy moments during these dark times I feel Sharon Hines is responsible for a lot of them.

If you’re not familiar with who she is, Sharon Hines is the owner and operator of Twice As Funny Comedy Lounge in Killeen.

Ms. Sharon is one of the nicest, most genuine women that I know. Even though Sharon is extremely sweet, don’t underestimate this little lady. She might be small, but she's a big personality and plays no games.


Courtesy of Dana Smith
Courtesy of Dana Smith
Courtesy of Dana Smith
Courtesy of Dana Smith

Thank You For Being the Rainbow After the Storm

I thought it was only right that we show love and recognition for this beautiful business owner, who gives Central Texas the gift of laughter as much as possible.

Sharon has gifted Killeen with some of the biggest talents in the world of comedy, including DC Young Fly, Jess Hilarious, and the legendary diva herself, Monique.

Our mental health is under attack daily during this ongoing pandemic, along with all the other crazy stuff happening in the world right now, so having someone so determined to bring so much joy to our city means a lot.

I'm certainty forever grateful for that!

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