Imagine you’re just trying to pick up food for your family, and the first thing you see is someone trying to open the restaurant doors with a gun in their hand. I don’t know about you, but I would be absolutely terrified and probably in a state of shock. A video that's made the rounds on social media shows someone in Killeen, Texas trying to do just that, and now police say they've identified that person.

Did You See This Video?

We first came across the video in the What's Happening in Killeen/Fort Hood Facebook group. It appeared to show someone with a gun trying to enter the locked dining room of the Taco Bell on North Fort Hood Street. There was some debate in the comments over whether it was really a gun people were seeing and what exactly the person was trying to do.

So, What Happened?

Here's what we know courtesy of reporter Lauren Dodd with the Killeen Daily Herald.

On January 23, Killeen police responded to a call from the Taco Bell located at 404 N. 4 Hood St. about an individual carrying a gun trying to come inside the establishment.

Luckily for the employees, the lobby doors were locked, and once the individual noticed that, they immediately walked away.

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Killeen Police Say an Armed Juvenile Tried To Enter Taco Bell With a Gun

Dodd reached out to KPD, and reports that they have confirmed that the person in the video is a juvenile. They say they worked with Killeen ISD police to ID the kid, whose name wasn't released due to their age.

You can read her full article here.

What Is Happening With Our Kids?

I’m going to be honest with you: when I first saw this terrifying video and noticed the mannerisms of the person, my first thought was, "Oh my goodness, this is a child".

A major reason I thought it was a child was that the individual didn’t seem to know exactly what they were doing, as if they did not have this particular plan thought through. They struck me as someone not mature enough to understand what could be the outcome of this.

I am very grateful that the juvenile was identified, and both they and the Taco Bell employees and customers are safe. This could’ve ended badly, not only for employees, but a child who probably doesn’t understand how serious this can be.

It definitely takes a village when it comes to making sure that our community watches over our children, but I just hope that in the future this child will be around the correct type of guidance.


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