Khia doesn't pull any punches against Bobby Lytes and his cousin, Trina.

In a YouTube video published Monday night (Sept. 23), Khia went off on the former Love & Hip-Hop: Miami star after he reportedly defended his cousin over derogatory comments Khia previously made about Trina. In her outrageous rant, Khia fired off several homophobic shots at Lytes and launched disrespectful comments about Trina.

"We the people sentence you to a DNAids test," Khia began. "See your access has been denied down that old town road cuz you been desperately chasing Lil Nas and he don't want you. So you won't be riding no horses but you can ride your sissy cauliflower colored ass down to the free clinic to get some penicillin shots bitch."

Khia continued by claiming Lil Nas X curved Lytes at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards. Then she moved on to berate Trina's relationships with rappers like Lil Wayne and French Montana. Khia closes out her rant by doubling down on her homophobic shots aimed at Bobby Lytes and ends by degrading the memory of Trina's mother, who recently passed away.

"Child get your shit together go and get that throat and that loose asshole swabbed so that you can finally have several seats without having itching and a burning sensation in your pants bitch," Khia said. "When it come to roasting the queen, please come correct. And Superpuss we heard you and Trick were performing at your mammy funeral and no one was there."

Watch Khia's full video and Bobby Lytes' response below.

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