Well, that’s one item Justin Bieber can cross out on his list of legal troubles.

The Federal Aviation Administration has called off the investigation that was looking into an incident that occurred on the 20-year-old singer’s private plane earlier this year.

In January, Justin’s plane was grounded at Teterboro Airport, where he was detained at customs while federal officials searched his plane under suspicion of marijuana possession. The ‘Believe’ star and his pals had been heading to the Super Bowl, and reportedly reeked of weed.

Justin was free to go when nothing illegal turned up in the search, but the investigation continued until now on the claim that he and his posse might have interfered with the plane’s crew or pilots mid-flight.

“The FAA closed its investigation into allegations that passengers interfered with the flight crew on a Gulfstream G-IV aircraft that landed at Teterboro Airport on Friday, Jan. 31, 2014,” an official statement reported, according to E! News. “The FAA found no evidence that the passengers violated Federal Aviation Regulations.”

The dismissal must be a relief for the Biebs, who is still handling hit-and-run and vandalism lawsuits.