Jennifer Lawrence is everyone's imaginary best friend, but even she faces tough decisions sometimes. For example, Cinnabon vs. Cold Stone Creamery -- or One Direction vs. the Wanted! So how did she pick?

Cinnabon, for one! The adorable pixie-sporting starlet sat down with MTV News to make some tough calls.

She confessed she's shamefully obsessed with the Kardashians, though she prefers Jay-Z to Mr. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West. Once she realized she voiced her pick out loud, though, poor J-Law was horrified. "Oh my God, what if Kanye tweets about me now for saying that?!"

Two choices she couldn't make? Ian McKellen vs. Patrick Stewart and Josh Hutcherson vs. Bradley Cooper -- but for different reasons.

"I can't do that," she says. "They're so precious together." Then she adds another in a long line of stories about the two actors. "They're so cute on the set of 'X-Men', when they have their La-Z-Boys and they read the newspaper and one of them's reading and, like, hands the paper off and they have a little chess board ... It is so adorable."

As for Hutcherson and Cooper? She said simply, "That would just be a lose-lose."

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