A newly released video featuring police body camera footage from 2021 hilariously shows Young Thug attempting to evade a traffic ticket. Unfortunately, he didn’t have success.

Young Thug Tries to Charm His Way Out of a Traffic Ticket in 2021 Body Cam Footage

On Saturday (Feb. 24), YouTube channel Raq Rarest, which showcases arrest videos of your favorite rappers, posted dated body cam footage from Young Thug's traffic stop on Jan. 11, 2021. In the clip, which can be viewed below, Thugger is humorously trying to avoid a traffic ticket after he was stopped for speeding in Atlanta. The traffic cop informs Thug that he almost clipped his patrol car and clocked him speeding over 100 miles per hour.

Thug, who's currently on trial for violating the RICO Act, is begging the cop not to give him a ticket. The YSL leader explains to the officer that he just got his driver's license back, and he's worried he'll lose it again if he gets another citation. The "Pushin P" rapper then offers to do push-ups or have a foot race with the officer.

"How about I do 100 push-ups?" Thug inquired, but the officer swiftly declined it. Undeterred, Thug suggested a foot race. "Alright, let's race. Let's race, and if I beat you, no ticket. If you beat me, $2,000," he offered.

No dice.

After some back and forth, Young Thug couldn't convince the officer not to give him a ticket.

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Young Thug Named as Alleged Gunman in 2013 Shooting

Traffic tickets aside, Young Thug is currently going through a serious legal battle. Last Tuesday (Feb. 20), on the 32nd day of his ongoing YSL RICO Trial, the embattled rhymer was named as the alleged gunman responsible for a 2013 shooting in a 911 call played during the trial.

The prosecution played the recorded 911 call from Sept. 11, 2013, in which a woman calls and names Thug as the person responsible for shooting a mutual friend. In the clip below, the woman clarifies that this information was passed on to her by someone else, and that the shooting victim is no longer in danger, but she wants to get Thug's identity on the record.

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See Young Thug try to avoid getting a traffic ticket in a recently surfaced body cam footage below.

Watch Young Thug Try to Talk His Way Out of a Traffic Ticket in 2021 Body Cam Footage

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