For die-hard music fans, meeting their favorite artists during a special event can almost feel surreal. Sometimes, people use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to express admiration for the rapper they love or to give them something unique. Other times, however, a fan or artist can be completely taken by surprise by something wild that transpires during a meet-and-greet.

One artist who strives to create an unforgettable experience for his fans is Chris Brown. Although the fee to meet the Grammy award-winning star is pretty hefty, his fans think the $1,111 price tag is worthwhile. For instance, during his 11:11 Tour stop in Detroit on June 7, viral photos showed Chris Brown grabbing fans' rear-ends and even landing a few kisses.

Meanwhile, Moneybagg Yo was at a loss for words during one of his meet-and-greets last December. As he was signing autographs at a liquor store, a process server pretending to be a fan served the rapper with court papers for not performing at a concert.

In the heat of the moment, meet-and-greets can even become chaotic. In 2016, Desiigner was forced to shut down his meet-and-greet at the CambridgeSide mall in Cambridge, Mass. after a large group of eager fans became too rowdy and started vandalizing stores.

Some concertgoers even use the timed meet-ups to highlight their talents. In June, a Fredo Bang fan decided to tussle with the rapper in an attempt to show off his wrestling skills. Lil Baby also got to witness a person's music chops after they attempted to sing for him. The rapper was ultimately unimpressed and jokingly turned them away.

Overall, meet-and-greets are quite unpredictable and can either go good or bad. Take a look at some wild meet-and-greet moments below.

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