Wack 100 is calling out Meek Mill for claiming the governor of Pennsylvania convinced Meek to take down his threatening tweets toward DJ Akademiks.

Wack 100 Weighs In on Meek Mill vs. DJ Akademiks Beef

On Thursday night (Feb. 29), Wack 100 weighed in on Meek Mill trading shots with DJ Akademiks over the past two days. The hip-hop manager zeroed in on Meek's final post, where the Philadelphia rapper insisted he took down all the vitriolic posts me made toward Ak earlier in the day at the behest of Josh Shapiro, the governor of Pennsylvania.

"Am I the only one seeing this?" Wack captioned a screenshot of Meek's post. "The Governor? Explain to the Governor this man is the one responsible for WHAT?"

He continued: "Man look kill the selective politics . @meekmill just say your a reformed civilian and keep all the STREET GANGSTA TOUGH SH!T OUT YA MOUTH .. Nothing is wrong with being NORMAL . @akademiks gave you his address your a no show! Instead you confide in the law of the land #TheGovorner #Ak -1 #Meek- 0."

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Meek Mill and DJ Akademiks Trade Shots

Meek Mill and Akademiks have been trading shots since Wednesday (Feb. 28), when Ak questioned why Meek hadn't addressed the speculation that he is the "Philadelphia rapper" mentioned in the latest lawsuit against Diddy. Meek Mill is not mentioned by name in the lawsuit brought forward by producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones. However, Lil Rod claims Diddy told him he had sex with a rapper who is described as "a Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj." Jones also claims to have seen said rapper "consorting with underage girls" with Diddy.

Meek initially warned Ak to stop playing with his name and Ak returned fire. Meek has since erased his most recent tweets where he insisted he would die to shut Ak down, saying the governor swayed him to do so.

"The governor called me and checked me I took it down after I explain to him this the guy that powered the biggest rap beefs that killed some of my friends playing undercover," Meek shared following his X rant.

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Check out Wack 100 calling out Meek Mill for claiming the governor convinced him to take threatening tweets toward DJ Akademiks down.

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