Machine Gun Kelly has covered over most of his chest and arm tattoos with black ink, claiming he did so for "spiritual purposes."

Machine Gun Kelly Covers Most of His Chest and Arm Tattoos With Black Ink

On Tuesday (Feb. 20), MGK hopped on Instagram to reveal his shocking new jet-black ink, which covers all of his arms and most of his torso, but leaves his stomach tats intact. MGK added that he committed to the new ink "for spiritual purposes only," and showed on his Instagram Story that the process required 44 needles to be drilled into him.

The art was made by the tattoo artist Roxx, who shared another photo of MGK's finished product and shouted out the rapper-turned-rocker.

"Made some art with @machinegunkelly," she wrote. "Never met a tougher one."

MGK commented, "Thanks for the joy and pain."

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Machine Gun Kelly Gets Into Confrontation With UFC Fighter

The new ink comes a few weeks after MGK got into a viral confrontation with UFC Fighter Sean Strickland while attending a Power Slap event in Las Vegas on Feb. 9. In a video that emerged on social media, Kelly and the UFC fighter are seen getting in each other's face, with Strickland telling Kelly to "dress like a f**king man."

Strickland doubled down on his insults on X, formerly known as Twitter, calling Kelly a "vampire." The fighter also questioned why MGK's significant other Megan Foxx is even with him.

"I almost hit a vampire tonight... lol!" Stickland tweeted. "They said his name is machine gun kelly.. How do you have a dope a*s name and dress like a 13 goth south park character?!?"

He continues: "You guys what the f**k is going on.......... Transformers Megan Fox is with that thing..... what the actual f**k has happened to the world?! What did I miss? Is she OK? Is this man the devil? @meganfox are you ok? Do you need assistance?!"

"Someone said 'Be careful MGK doesn't like when you make fun of Megan,'" Strickland added in a follow-up tweet. "What does that even mean? Do I need to glue wood chips in hollow points? Do I need to carry a crossbow? Buy a wooden stake? Is this how I become the new blade?!?!"

MGK didn't respond to the antagonization.

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See MGK's latest ink below.

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