Lil Pump recently shared a photo of himself with a mostly shaven head and the South Floria rapper has fans confused.

On Feb. 24, Lil Pump uploaded a photo on Instagram that shows him sporting a baldy in the front and dreads propped up into two buns in the back. In the caption of the pic, he promoted his new single "Tesla," which was released last Friday.

"Tesla going so crazy I lost my mind," he wrote. "It’s on all platforms, music video in my bio."

The Lil Pump photo has been causing confusion on social media, with fans weighing in on the strange picture.

"Someone have him go see a therapist.. I think he losing it," a Twitter user wrote along with a grimacing face emoji.

"Boy this money have y'all creating characters," another person wrote with a crying face emoji attached.


"Goodness gracious how did a 22 year old guy turned into a man that looks like he’s in his mid 40s or something," another post reads.

The picture of Lil Pump appears to have been made with a bald filter or by using some sort of photo altering software. Follow-up IG posts show the "Gucci Gang" rapper with his hair back to normal. Though the hair alteration seems to be a joke, Pump is going through some real physical changes. Earlier this month, he showed off before-and-after photos from his ongoing workout regimen. He also recently removed his diamond grill in exchange for a new set of teeth.

See Lil Pump's Strange Hairstyle and Reactions Below

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