Lil Pump is all smiles today. The South Florida rapper recently spent $25,000 on some new teeth.

Last month, Miami-based dental facility, 5 Star Smiles, posted a video on their Instagram account of Lil Pump getting a set of new choppers. In the clip, the 22-year-old rapper is having his gums lasered and installed with a new pair of porcelain veneers. It looked painless, and the Pumpster was happy with the results. The video caption reads, "PORCELAIN GANG" in all caps with two cold face emojis.

According to a TMZ story, published on Saturday (Feb. 4), Lil Pump spent $25,000 on his new teeth. The media website added that the "Gucci Gang" rhymer's grill would last him for 30 years if he properly keeps them clean.

Apparently, a slew of dentists has been reaching out to Pump for several years to get his teeth redone. In Pump's own video on his Instagram page, he encouraged his fans to not travel overseas to get their teeth done but, instead, head over to Miami and let 5 Star Smiles give them that 1,000-watt smile.

Shockingly, according to TMZ, Pump plans to get a set of custom grills to fit over his newly-designed veneers. Hopefully, they won't cause any damage to his new teeth.

Also, Lil Pump is hitting the gym regularly. The "Esskeetit" creator posted a photo of himself shirtless and showing off his tone and muscular upper body. "Looking good feeling better working out is my new addiction should I go keep going?" he wrote in the caption.

Health is wealth.

Watch Lil Pump Getting Some New Choppers Below

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