Lil Durk discussed Drake's lyrics about Durkio on Young Thug's "Oh U Went" and more during his interview with MSNBC's political anchor Ari Melber.

Lil Durk Talks Drake's Verse "Oh U Went" With Ari Melber

Lil Durk sat down with political analyst/journalist Ari Melber for a 30-minute interview, which premiered on MSNBC's YouTube channel on Friday (Nov. 17). During their conversation, the Chicago rapper was asked about Drake mentioning his name on Young Thug's track "Oh U Went."

On the song, Drizzy spits a toxic verse about a woman flirting with Durkio and her possibly entertaining a threesome.

"She probably let both of us hit/The way that she smirkin' at Durk/She gettin' cake off the picture she take/I say, 'Girl, if it work then it work'/F**k a wedding dress, I'm tryna merk it and skrrt," Drake raps on the song.

Drake's using the term "smirk" with Durk was on purpose as "Smurk" is Durk's nickname. When Ari asked the "All My Life" rapper if the woman did "smirk'" at him, he replied, "I hope so."

"I'll feel more confident and more happy with myself," Durk joked in the clip below.

When Ari asked if the woman was real or a fictional person, Durk said that Drake lives in his own world called "Drake's World." "If he said it, he seen it," he added.

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Lil Durk Shares His Thoughts on Donald Trump's Criticism of Chicago and More

Elsewhere in the interview, Ari asked Durk about the troubling gun violence in his hometown of Chicago and Donald Trump's harsh condemnation of the city. The 30-year-old rhymer dismissed Trump's comment in the short video below.

"I really don't pay it no mind, 'cause there's violence everywhere," Durk stated. "Every city had their moment with the [murder] rates. If you look up right now who got the [highest murder rate] right now, I betcha it ain't Chicago."

"That's why I really don't comment on it, because every city will have its day [with the murder rates]."

Meanwhile, during a rapid-fire round with Ari, Durk gave some intriguing one-word descriptions of his music pals.

For Drake, he said, "Owl."

For Lil Baby, he said, "The hero."

For Jay-Z, he said, "Billionaire."

For Polo G, he said "1300."

For J. Cole, he said, "The silent killer."

For Morgan Wallen, he said, "The country."

For his late friend King Von, he said, "The Voice."

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Check out Lil Durk's clips and watch his full interview with MSNBC's anchor Ari Melber below.

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