It's been twenty-five years since Lauryn Hill's landmark debut album, and now she seems ready to get back in the booth. The New Jersey rapper hints that she's dropping new music soon.

Lauryn Hill Has New Music On the Way

On Wednesday (May 15), TMZ spoke with Lauryn Hill and her son YG Marley after they performed together on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. At the beginning of the video, which can be seen below, YG Marley is asked about the possibility of Ms. Hill dropping a second album. The Fugees rapper's last LP, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, debuted on Aug. 25, 1998.

"What about your mom's second album?" YG is asked by the camera person. "We need a second album from her. Is she close to doing that? Because I know she's kind of been back and forth about that idea."

He then revealed the answer to the burning question. "New music's on the way," tYG responded.

Then Lauryn is asked if she's toying around with ideas for her second album. She signaled through a head nod and brief answer that her son's response was accurate. "Soon. Thank you," Lauryn said at the 0:49 mark of the video while heading into a black car.

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Lauryn Hill Has Kept Fans Waiting for New Music for Ages

It's been a hot minute since Lauryn Hill released a new project. Although Ms. Hill did release a song called "Guarding the Gates" for Queen and Slim: The Soundtrack in 2019, fans have been itching for another genre-shifting album from the rapper. After departing from the Fugees in 1997, Lauryn Hill released her first solo album, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, a year later. Following its arrival, the LP won five trophies, including Album of the Year at the 1999 Grammy Awards. Although the rapper was on tour for the album's 25th anniversary, she ultimately postponed the remaining dates in 2023 due to straining her vocal cords a month into touring.

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Take a look at Lauryn Hill teasing new music below.

Watch Lauryn Hill Hint That She's Dropping New Music Soon

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