Kodak Black is furious with Ray J's comment about him. The South Florida rapper threatened to beat up Ray J after he posted on Instagram that he was concerned about Yak's behavior during his Drink Champs interview.

Kodak Black Threatens to Beat Up Ray J for Being Concerned About His Behavior on Drink Champs

On Sunday (Oct. 29), Kodak Black jumped on Instagram Live and threatened to beat up Ray J after the tech entrepreneur posted a message on Instagram that he was concerned about Yak's behavior during an interview on the Drink Champs podcast. In a profanity-laced tirade, Kodak wasn't happy with Ray J asking Wack 100 to get him some help before he self-destructs.

"Ray J your little a*s is a b***h, homie" he snapped in the video below. "I don't need your help, p***y-a*s n***a. I'm straight. F**k wrong with you, homie. Beat your little a*s."

"You had nothing to do with that Trump s***t," he continued. "They be hating that p***y-a*s n***a. You just want to go viral. You want to go viral on the street."

"Talking about you took me to Trump house," he added. "Who the f**k you is? Trump got me out of prison, homie. You think I need you to take me to Trump's [house]?"

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Ray J Asks Wack 100 to Help Kodak Black After His Drink Champs Interview

Kodak Black's expletive-laced tirade was in response to Ray J who posted on social media today about being worried about the "ZeZe" rhymer's well-being. The former R&B singer sent a message to Wack 100 and N.O.R.E. after clips of the rapper's rambling interview on Drink Champs went viral.

"Yo somebody need to grab bro and make sure he good," Ray J wrote in his missive, which can be read below. "This ain't the interview Nore. We gotta help this dude. I took him to Trump house and he did the most. They were not happy with the experience bc he had no guidance and respect."

"Yo [Wack 100] let's figure out how we can help this guy instead of watching him self destruct," he added.

As for the Trump house reference, in March of 2022, Ray J met with former President Donald Trump and brought Kodak Black along for the face-to-face encounter. Their brief meeting was captured on video and posted online. In the clip, Trump can be heard asking Kodak Black, "How are you?" as Yak approached him. Kodak gave Trump a fist-bump and the two shared a few more words.

For those who don't know, Donald Trump commutated Kodak prison sentence on his last day in office on Jan. 21, 2021.

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Watch Kodak Black's profanity-laced tirade over Ray J's message of concern about his behavior on Drink Champs below.

Watch Kodak Black's Response to Ray J Who Was Concern About Yak's Behavior on Drink Champs

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