Fat Joe explains why he had to get his hands on Donald Trump's new Never Surrender sneaker.

Fat Joe Defends Purchase of Donald Trump Sneaker

On Tuesday (Feb. 27), Fat Joe hopped on social media and defended his purchase of The Donald's new sneaker, despite not liking Trump.

"Why? If you really collect art, do you really know what Basquiat was into?" Fat Joe questioned in the video below. "Do you know what Andy Warhol was into? Any of these artists that you was into. You love the art, so you get it. I guess they separate art from the person."

"Now, me as a sneaker collector," he continued. "I had to get my hands on the Trumps. Doesn't matter...Listen, I have thousands of pairs of sneakers. When everyone flipped on Kanye, I went and bought the two most exclusive Kanyes ever...I gotta get my hands on them. Once again, I'm not a Trumper. I dislike Trump. I'm not voting for him. Not now, not never. But I'm a sneaker collector into the art. So, I had to find these."

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Donald Trump Launches Sneaker Line Following Court Ruling

Former President Donald Trump debuted his new Never Surrender sneaker at SneakerCon in Philadelphia on Feb. 17.

"I’ve wanted to do this a long time," Trump said of the release of the shoe, which is gold and resembles a high-top Nike Dunk with American flag details. The shoes are retailing for $399. Trump released the shoes a day after a judge ordered him to pay $354 million in a New York financial fraud case.

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See video of Fat Joe explaining why he bought Donald Trump's new sneakers despite not liking him below.

Watch Fat Joe Defend Buying Donald Trump's Never Surrender Shoes

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