Former Motown Records CEO Ethiopia Habtemariam is denying claims made by an attorney that she plans to testify against Diddy.

Ethiopia Habtemariam Refutes Claim She Will Testify Against Diddy

Producer Rodney "Lil Rod" Jones' bombshell February lawsuit against Diddy includes various claims about multiple people in the mogul's circle, including former Motown CEO Ethiopia Habtemariam. The music executive is accused of having direct knowledge of, and funding Diddy's illegal lifestyle. Jones' attorney Tyrone Blackburn has reportedly been telling news outlets that Habtemariam will testify against Puff. On Monday (April 1), AllHipHop published a report where Ethiopia refutes those claims.

"I am informed and believe that Mr. Blackburn has falsely represented to various social media sites and other media outlets that I agreed to 'testify against' Mr. Combs," Habtemariam said. "This is completely untrue. I have no personal knowledge of any alleged wrongdoing by Mr. Combs and there is nothing I could testify to that would be against his interest."

"Being falsely accused of criminal conduct is deeply upsetting to me," Habtemariam continued. "I did no wrong. I never saw or participated in any alleged racketeering enterprise, and I never saw, aided or, abetted, or tried to conceal any sex trafficking activity. In short, there is no basis for any of the claims asserted against me, and I should never have been named a defendant in this lawsuit."

She added: "My counsel provided a revised declaration that addressed the topics that Mr. Blackburn addressed and corrected his false narrative. I am aware that Mr. Blackburn found my truthful version to be unsatisfactory to him and he presented yet another version that again presented a false narrative.”

XXL has reached out to Ethiopia and Tyrone Blackburn for comment.

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Diddy Under Federal Probe

Over the last five months, Lil Rod's lawsuit and other suits have accused Diddy of sex crimes. These legal actions appear to have culminated with the Department of Homeland Security raiding Diddy's homes in Los Angeles and Miami last Monday (March 25). The Bad Boy founder's attorney has denied his client has done anything wrong and has called the government's raid a witch hunt. Diddy has yet to be charged or arrested.

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