Eminem's technical command of the microphone is undeniable. The speed and precision with which he utters his syllables are enough to already establish him as one of the greatest rappers of all time. With that being said, many Eminem critics have argued that while Slim Shady's prowess on the mic is impressive, he often doesn't rap about anything meaningful. This is a critique Eminem is completely aware of, and one he's pushed back on in his songs multiple times over the course of his career.

On the flip side, Eminem's Stan's would argue the Detroit rapper has spit plenty of bars that are moving, heartfelt, earnest and inspiring. Bars that don't just rely on quick wit. He's rapped about the estranged relationship with his mother on 2013's "Headlights." Em's reflected on the impact of his drug overdose on 2017's "Arose." Slim Shady has even rapped sincerely about how he inappropriately exploited Black culture as a kid on 2004's "Yellow Brick Road." Any Em supporter also knows he's rapped emphatically about his daughters dozens of times over the years, so much so it merited its own list.

As Eminem prepares to drop off his 12th studio album, The Death of Slim Shady (Coupe de Grâce), XXL has taken a deep dive through some of Em's honest lyrics from over the years. While Eminem has spit plenty of bars as Slim Shady to showcase his talent and to shock the general public, these are the times the walls came down. This is when fans got to have a peek at the humanity of Marshall Mathers.

These lyrics give Stans a look at how Marshall feels about the state of hip-hop, and how he feels about his relationship with his peers and his family. They demonstrate how he feels about being critiqued and picked apart over the years, and how much pressure he faces being one of the biggest rappers in a generation. Most importantly, they show that he's not just the diabolical Slim Shady, but that he's here to inspire and champion those who listen to his music.

Here are 20 of Eminem's most painfully honest lyrics. Check out the full list below.

See 20 of Eminem's Most Painfully Honest Lyrics

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