Chrisean Rock is clapping back at people who are speculating that her son with Blueface has health issues.

Chrisean Rock Denies Chrisean Jr. Has Health Problems

On Sunday (April 28), Chrisean shared a video on Instagram addressing the rumors that her son is blind or mentally challenged. She did so after she filmed herself over the weekend while she was at a restaurant eating with her son, and people claimed the baby did not blink in the video.

"My son Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr.—he’s straight," she said in the video below. "The f**k? He’s a billion-dollar baby, so stay tuned. No, he’s not blind. No, he’s not retarded, n***a He’s a f**king child. F**k, it got me f**ked up. But it’s cool though. It is real cool how y’all just, that’s all wanna sit up and talk about. That’s fine."

She continued: "My baby’s blessed from the head to his toe. Like what? Y’all forgot when he got dedicated on the seventh day? Like what? All I gotta say is, 'God glory, God glory.' All y’all gon’ see is him proving you n***as wrong. And that’s all that matters … I really don’t give two f**ks, for real. But I’m not even addressing nothing because I don’t give a f**k."

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Chrisean Rock Denounces Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Rumors

Chrisean and Blueface's son was born last September. This is not the first time Chrisean has shut down rumors about her son's health. Last year, rumors started spreading that the baby has fetal alcohol syndrome due to an unflattering photo of the child.

"My baby is healthy," Chrisean Rock reacted to the rumors in a social media video. "They would have told me if he had a syndrome. He’s healthy, bro. Just 'cause that picture wasn’t that cute doesn’t mean you can post my baby on the internet. That s**t is wild."

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See the video of Chrisean Rock denying her son has health issues below.

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