Video footage has surfaced that offers a walkthrough of Birdman's abandoned New Orleans mansion.

This past Wednesday (Dec. 14), a paranormal investigator, who goes by New Orleans Ghost Hunter, hit up Instagram with his findings as he explored the desolate hallways of a massive estate that was once occupied by Baby and his family, but has since been completely abandoned. In the video clip below, the ghost hunter takes viewers through the once-stunning abode as it stands today.

With the Big Tymers' 2002 classic hit "Still Fly" serving as the video's soundtrack, the ghost hunter shows off the current state of Birdman's former mansion in The Big Easy, which he says is "loaded" with multiple hot tubs, a four-car garage and an outdoor swimming pool that has since turned a murky green, but is still reminiscent of Baby's life of luxury.

According to a report published by the New York Post back in 2021, the flashy Cash Money Records exec abandoned the 10,948-square-foot mansion over 17 years ago after the home suffered an extensive amount of damage as the result of Hurricane Katrina, which ravaged the New Orleans area in 2005. Worth an estimated $650,000 back in 2021, Birdman's three-story deserted crib was built in 1990 complete with five bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Prior to Birdman purchasing the property in 2004, the sprawling estate reportedly once belonged to former New Orleans Saints linebacker, Pat Swilling. Once Baby moved in, the "Money to Blow" spitter converted the entire top floor of the mansion into a fully functional recording studio.

Now, with various debris scattered throughout the mansion that Birdman once called home, the paranormal investigator's clip shows off a massive master bedroom laced with a lavish jacuzzi with a tile fireplace built into it. According to the New York Post, other elaborate amenities once included a private theater, a private bar room surrounded by glass walls and even an elevator.

Back when the spacious New Orleans palace was at the height of its glory, Baby and Lil Wayne featured the home in the official music video for 2005's "Neck of the Woods," the lead single from Birdman's Fast Money album.

Despite the fact that Birdman's past includes an abandoned mansion in New Orleans, Cash Money Records' Numba One Stunna is already looking toward the future. Just last week, Baby announced that in 2023, he wants to change his adopted government name from Brian Williams back to the name he was born with, Brian Brooks.

See Inside Birdman's Abandoned New Orleans Mansion in the Video Below

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