Texas loves jokes & we love when it's April Fool's Day. There have been some epic pranks pulled on Texans on this special day; whether it's by celebrities, or local businesses. So here are a few times where we fell for some good April Fool's Day pranks.

2 Texas cities were fooled by a giant QR code in the sky

The YouTube channel, Sky Elements Drone Shows, rick-rolled the entire city of Dallas, Texas by launching 300 drones over Downtown Dallas in 2022. All of them formed a giant QR code that, let's be honest, it looks really cool.

The very next year, they did the same thing for Austin, Texas; this time using twice as many drones... 600 DRONES. And yes... it was a giant Rick Roll QR code in 2023 too. I wonder which city will be next?

El Arroyo's sign is missing...or is it?

Speaking of Austin, people love the business, El Arroyo, for its hilarious viral jokes. Well that was until 2021, when they said their iconic sign...was gone.

  It was a big enough deal that even
Governor Greg Abbott demanded the sign to be returned

Try the new air fried food from The State Fair of Texas

Anyone who's gone there knows about the epic deep fried food that's served there every year. For the 2022 Texas State Fair, they announced their great one to date: Deep Fried AIR.

What? You're telling me you wouldn't have just the corn part by itself?? Yeah I wouldn't neither. Don't worry though, they have the real things along with other deep fried goodies. Which plenty of people had to try for themselves.

San Antonio Zoo partnered with Buc-ee's to bring beavers??

Almost sounds too good to be true right? Well... it wasn't true. In 2023, The San Antonio Zoo posted on their Facebook that they partnered with Buc-ee's to announce their new exhibit: the Beaver Tales Wildlife Park. The comments pointed out that this has been "announced" before in the past. But...we're still waiting for this to ACTUALLY happen so...come on guys. Make it happen!!

In Houston, Panic! At the Disco played...Fall Out Boy??

Yes this one is definitely for me and fans of Panic! at the Disco. During their concert at Discovery Park in Houston, Texas, before they went into "This Is Gospel", they played a Fall Out Boy classic...

Yeah Brendon & the boys got us hoping they would perform a cover of "Sugar, We're Going Down"... sadly they only played the intro which...dude... GUYS. You can't just tease us like that!! Play the whole song next time!! Please?

I know there are many more times that we've been pranked before & I'm sure there will be MANY MORE times that Texas will be pranked in the future.

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