I know we love food here in Texas, especially if it's McDonald's. We have over 1,000 McDonald's restaurants in Texas alone. So with that many in the state, it should come as no surprise that occasionally...some crimes are committed. And sure enough, they do. Some are downright idiotic and others are just tragic.

One Texas McDonald's had a meth burger inside

Yen-Tsun Huang of Austin, Texas, was busted after trying to smuggle...well... a Big Mac containing meth while trying to sneak into the United States. That did NOT go the way he wanted as he was stopped by the Border Patrol and was found with over 700 grams of meth on his person. Yen was sentenced to 7 years in prison. That's definitely not a way to enjoy a Big Mac.


2 East Texas McDonald's employees were busted for credit card fraud

In the town of Pittsburgh, Texas, 2 minor employees were arrested and charged with credit & debit card abuse while working at the McDonald's at 101 S. Greer Blvd. The 2 employees were doing this for two months & were promptly terminated from employment at McDonald's.

Central Texas McDonald's were busted with child labor law violations.

In 2023, over 16 different Texas McDonald's restaurants were found to have teenagers between the ages of 14 & 15 working in the Austin area. Now you can be 14 or 15 and work at a McDonald's but not at every station; some places require you to be 16 if you're working the cashier or any place involving heat or any hazardous working conditions (like working the greasers).

An El Paso, Texas McDonald's was the sighting of a carjacking gone wrong

Near the end of 2023, 2 17 year old's, Billy Christian Charles and Elijai Koroma, robbed a car at gunpoint at a McDonald's drive-thru in East El Paso, located at 14230 Edgemere Blvd. Police were called and the SWAT team arrived to arrest the two boys just a half mile away. Sadly this wouldn't be the only time that a crime was committed an at a McDonald's in El Paso...

We've seen shootings at a McDonald's in Texas cities such as Dallas & Groves

Yes we've seen our share of tragic shootings too; in Dallas of 2023, a shooting occurred at a McDonald's at the 4400 block of Lemmon Ave. One was critically injured, one was pronounced dead. Meanwhile in Groves, 19 year old, Alfonso Solomon, was shot in the parking lot of a McDonald's by 2 men. Darionte Kelvon Everfield & Darryl Dwayne Prevost were arrested for Alfonso's murder in 2022.

Sadly these are literally just a dozen of crime stories that have occurred at a McDonald's in Texas alone. So next time you're craving that Big Mac or those McNuggets, just be extra careful. You never know who might be there looking for trouble.

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