Whether you like his music or not, Machine Gun Kelly from Houston, Texas is one of the biggest stars in the music world today. In fact he's SO huge, NASCAR even gave him his very own race car.

What does Machine Gun Kelly's race car look like?

Before the Busch Clash at the Coliseum race took place in the Los Angeles Coliseum, photos of Machine Gun Kelly's own race car first surfaced on Twitter, thanks to photographer Jeff Gluck. A black Toyota race car with purple flames on it with "MGK" where the numbers go. I may not be the biggest fan of his music, but I dig the paint scheme.

The race car was also featured on NASCAR's coverage during the race. Footage of the broadcast made its way onto TikTok which shows the car very close up. In case you're wondering, no the car was only on display.


Machine Gun Kelly was set to perform at the halftime event during the race on Sunday; however the weather forced the race to start on Saturday, Feb 3rd, so MGK didn't perform. But I'm sure he's not too disappointed, after all... not many artists have their OWN RACE CAR.

He's not the only musical artist from Texas to have a NASCAR race car sponsored after them; Blacktop Mojo from Palestine, Texas ALSO had their very own race car back in 2021. Also KLAQ was featured on a race car too during the season finale race at Phoenix of 2022.

In any case, that's pretty neat the MGK has his own race car with his name on it. Let's see if we can finally see a ZZ Top race car in the future...

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