Texas ranks among the top 10 states for teenage pregnancies. Meanwhile, sex education is not a requirement in our schools, and the abortion laws are a very touchy subject here. Well, as of Tuesday October 11, 2022, Killen, Texas Independent School District, after a unanimous vote, will begin to include a sex trafficking awareness course in their sex education curriculum.

Sound The Alarm

Being a parent in the Killen Independent School District, I want to be in the know when things come down the pipeline as it relates to what my children will be a part of, exposed to, and involved in. I know you feel the same. I remember being in the fifth or sixth grade when we took our sex-education courses. Grade school, ok?

Now, I do believe it is important to arm our children with as much information as possible. I don't think having that same approach is harmful when it comes to sex education in our schools. There are many students that are sadly having to raise themselves out here, so conversations that you may have had coming up in your home are not being had today.

The Scoop On The Inside

Now, before you all start sounding off (which I think is a good thing), let's see what KISD has to say.

I reached out to KISD Chief Communications and Marketing Officer Taina Maya, and she gave us a statement providing a little background on the story:

[T]his is something that the Texas Association of School Boards- TASB - is requiring all school districts to bring forward to their Board of Trustees. KISD has covered various portions of this message but not in the way that is now being required. The human trafficking curriculum will likely be a separate lesson in addition to our sexual education curriculum. Both will be brought forward to the Board for review and approval prior to being implemented.

So, this isn't a decision Killeen ISD made alone. They were required to at least consider adding this course to their curriculum.

Class Is Now In Session...If You Choose

Other lessons that will be included are the prevention of child abuse, family violence, and dating violence. The district has formulated a committee of 40 volunteers that will be made up of parents and members of the community. Maya also let us know that at this time, this will not be a mandatory lesson. Parents will have to opt-in in order for their students to participate. Also, parents, keep in mind that before these additions to the curriculum are implemented, the sex-ed and sex trafficking curriculums must be chosen, reviewed, and approved by the Board.

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Sex Trafficking Is A Serious Issue, Especially in Texas

Killeen and surrounding communities are basically at the intersection two major highways in a border state. That means the sad reality of human trafficking is bound to affect us more than some other areas (though it is a worldwide problem).

According to the Texas Attorney General's Office, around 1.6 million online commercial sex advertisements were posted in Texas in 2020 alone - at least 223,910 of which are believed to have involved the sale of children.

What Do You Think?

We want to know your opinion. Do you think Killeen ISD should include a sex trafficking lesson in their sex education curriculum? Chime in and let us know. Tap the chat button in our free app.

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