Killeen, Texas had perhaps the easiest drug bust of all time over the weekend at a business that was advertising a special event on the well known marijuana holiday of April 20th (420). In cannabis culture, 420 is slang that is used to infer that you and/or you and friends have intentions to meet up and consume marijuana products.

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This arrest and seizure of several THC products comes at a time when many in Killeen want to be able to freely consume a product that has been decriminalized in several states, but remains only available for medically prescribed use in the Lone Star State.

According to this press release from the Killeen Police Department, the bust was part of a sting operation after the authorities received a complaint about an event that was being planned at a local business on 4/20.

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Killeen, Texas PD's New Massive Pot Bust Was On 420

The seizure on Saturday still pales in comparison to the above arrest, and what can and cannot be allowed in Killeen remains in limbo.

Even as the city remains involved in a lawsuit with the state of Texas on whether they can continue to have an ordinance on the books that dictates to the local authorities flexibility about marijuana arrests, the police department is still actively pursuing investigations to combat pot operations.

The Killeen Special Investigation Division conducted the operation, and made the seizure at LQ Lounge on WS Young Drive while arresting one suspect.

Taken in the seizure was over 6 pounds of THC liquid along with wax and about an ounce of marijuana leaf.

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