Killeen, Texas is often the setting for several types of drills and emergency training as the home to Fort Cavazos and a major urban area at the doorstep to Texas Hill Country. Each year, the many first responder agencies of the area, the Transportation Security Administration, and participating commercial airlines go through an annual training exercise at the Killeen Regional Airport.

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This year's drills are scheduled to take place on Thursday evening at 7 PM to include a mass casualty triage and a command/control of emergencies. The increase in activity and heavy response presence will cause quite a demonstration of emergency apparatus for about 3 hours.

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Don't Be Alarmed, New Emergency Training Happening In Killeen, Texas

If you are not familiar, the motto for the Boy Scouts of America is, "Be prepared." We all hope and pray that an emergency never occurs, but as they do, it is best to be as prepared as possible, so that when nothing is going as planned, we have our best chance for success.

So, if you are someone who lives, works, or travels near the Killeen Regional Airport, do not be alarmed to see a large faction of emergency personnel and vehicles with all of their lights in action this Thursday night.

If you have any questions, or would like more information about the planned emergency training, you can find details in this City of Killeen article.

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