Teachers never get enough credit for the jobs they do. They teach children important life lessons, and make sure they're taken care of during the day at school. Being a teacher requires a lot of effort to say the least.

We've all got one teacher that placed the belief in us that leads us to becoming who we are as people. Sometimes all it takes is just one person to believe in us. That individual, whomever it is, means a lot to us.

For teachers like that, it will be difficult to repay them. While there won't be any one way to thank them, there will multiple ways to show appreciation from various outlets. One Texas original is showing love the one way they can, with food of course!

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Whataburger Celebrating Educators During Teacher Appreciation Week

According to a release from the company, Whataburger will providing free food items to instructors during the week from from 5 to 9 AM. The items that they can receive are a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit, a Taquito with cheese, or a Breakfast on a bun.

In addition to this, one of the best restaurants to have orange as a main color will also be donating $1,000 grants to 55 school teachers across all states where Whataburger is located. So long story short, the Texas original is continuously helping thank teachers.

Now, if they could push forward the thought that all teachers deserve raises, we'd all be on board with that idea right?

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