You know you're in Texas when everything is automatically just BIGGER. It should be no surprise the biggest highway in the United States is in Texas. The fastest highway in the United States is in Texas, The longest highway in any state in the United States is in Texas. So, how is it possible the longest state highway is not in Texas?

Well, if Texas doesn't have the longest state highway, it must be 2nd right?


Believe it or not, the longest state highway is kind of surprising as it is about 150 miles longer than the Interstate that runs the length of the state. That Interstate, by the way, is I-90, and goes for over 550 miles.

The longest state highway in the United States of America is State Highway 200 in Montana. Yes, it is more than 150 miles longer than the 550+ miles Interstate 90 covers from its east to west border. State Highway 200 is 706.624 miles according to Wikipedia.

The whole reason it covers an extra 150 miles is because it runs parallel to I-90, and provides a winding access to dozens of small towns scattered all over Big Sky Country. It is like its own version of Route 66 exclusively for the state of Montana.

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Where does the longest Texas State Highway rank?

Number 5 if you can believe it. Don't tell Oklahoma, but they finally got us on something. Their State Highway 3 is in 3rd place at 615 miles long, while Texas State Highway 16 is only 542 miles. No idea what anybody would do with all that extra Oklahoma.

State Highway 16 begins just south of Wichita Falls, and goes all the way to Zapata on the Mexican border. It is the 9th longest highway in Texas, but stands as number 1 for state highways.

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