Following Wednesday night's devastating tornado, thousands of residents in Temple, Texas and the surrounding area have been without power.

The latest reporting data from Oncor shows that while service has been restored to some customers, there are still over 1,300 active outages impacting roughly 29,000 residents.

via Oncor
via Oncor

To report an outage in your area, visit the Oncor site or call 1-888-313-4747. Residents impacted by a power outage may also text 'OUT' to 66267.

The City of Temple issued a Disaster Declaration following yesterday's tornado damage and is urging all residents to stay home unless absolutely necessary as first responders are out assisting those in need.

The good news is that progress is being made. This time yesterday, outages were impacting nearly 60,000 residents. Crews are out in full force working diligently to try and restore service to the area.

Let the crews that are out there trying to restore power, Internet and phones know how much we appreciate them. Often times, their jobs are hard and thankless.

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