Texas animals really do seem like they are simply just built different aren't they? We've already discussed that one type of animal in the Lone Star State is in the middle of mating season, which isn't unnerving at all right? But what if there's more animals to keep an eye out for?

Truly, wildlife can cause some to become a little nervous whenever out in nature. It also doesn't help when the animal in question is way smaller than it should be. But would it make it more worrisome that animals is actually a tiny spider?

For me personally yes, but enough talk, the animal we're describing is none other than: the Tick.

Ticks In Texas, And Not The Superhero

According to Texas Health And Human Services, warm months we experience here in Texas are the perfect setting for Ticks to make their return in the state. Various Ticks such as the Lone Star Tick and Blacklegged Ticks exist in the state, and you can read more about them here. But the main thing you should know is that if you bitten by a tick, you pay close attention if you have any symptoms the diseases they bring.

Ticks can also be an issue around your abode as well, which if they weren't already giving us a little bit of a headache when dealing them. So Texas, it looks like in addition to the heat, we've got to watch out for big and small animals.

Be smart, and stay safe Texas!

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