We've all ended up going to wrong area in Texas haven't we?

We mean it's bound to happen at one point in your life. You think you're headed to the correct area, you believe you've typed in the right address...and then the realization. It's the wrong place.

Now you must recheck everything, and somewhere along the way, something was indeed typed in wrong. You might be a little bit mad at yourself, but most of the time, it's a simple reset, and you're on the way to the correct destination.

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But for one woman in the Lone Star State, she almost left the state altogether, and it became what can only be described as a tense situation.

One Woman's Accidental Trip To...Mexico?

Tik Tok user thetrinityjackson provided the story of her adventure that began after dropping off her mom at the airport. What was supposed to be a normal trip to Home Depot for zip ties, turned into a story that made her go viral on the social sharing site:

Normally, a lot of us would wonder how in the wonder this happened. But, in her defense, there have been times where I've used GPS and it's led to me a place that I wasn't planning on going to before.

Thankfully luck was on her side so she could get back to Texas though. I can only imagine what would've happened had she not her documents with her!

The lesson we've all learned here? Double check where you're going when using GPS!

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