There's one very familiar beaver business everyone knows in Texas: Buc-ee's!

The Texas original has certainly shown it's growth throughout the years. As previously mentioned, the juggernaut started here in the Lone Star state and has it's well known. Everybody in Texas has their favorite item from the business too right?

They offer so much as well from snacks to shirts, or brisket and bathrooms, of the clean variety of course. So when a person goes into a Buc-ee's they're bound to find something they need. But...could there be people that don't like the Texas original?

As it turns out, sadly, there are people that don't like Buc-ee's at all, and wait...they're from Texas?!?

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There Are Texans That Don't Like Buc-ee's?

While that statement you just read doesn't seem real, it indeed is. Texas resident Jill Robbins wrote about she didn't like the gas station at all. Her main reason for disliking Buc-ee's? The chaos she sees all around the place.

Look, we've all seen how busy Buc-ee's can get, but that's part of the charm isn't it? You just have to roll with flow inside the place. Once you get into the Buc-ee's groove, everything gets way easier doesn't it?

But it's also been discovered that...Jill isn't the only one who doesn't like Bucky. As KXAN found out, there's more Texans that are on Jill's side!

Well...this just looks like something we'll have to agree to disagree on we guess!

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