Residents of Texas answer many calls and texts everyday.

The reasons for them are many. Some could be waiting on an update on an important situation. Others may be waiting for an indication to go somewhere.

Whatever the situation, when something interrupts the planned call, it makes us angry to say the least. Even worse, the intrusion could result in something bad happening. So, needless to say, we hope and pray nothing stops us from that call.

Other times sadly, when that call comes, it's not who we're expecting. It might be what everyone hates: a spam call. Sadly, Texas isn't safe from them.

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How Many Spam Calls Does The State Of Texas Get?


To find out the answer, we turn to Flat World Solutions. Per their data, 97,198 instances of spam calls were reported to the Federal Communications Commission. So let's get down to the real question: Where did Texas rank overall in the nation?

The data reveals that 28 calls were divulged per 100,000 residents in the state. Overall, that totaled out to 8,396 in the Lone Star State. Which is a bit unnerving and annoying at the same time.

So, that's not good. Especially sent the data put Texas at number two in the nation for spam calls. Right under, you guessed it, the state of California.

So to say the least, something needs to be done that tones down the amount of spam calls we get in the Lone Star State. Otherwise, it will just make us all more annoyed!

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