The Total Solar Eclipse is almost here in Texas.

So many in the state are ready for the big moment, but they're also not excited for how the area around them will change. To say the least, the Lone Star State is going to get a bit more full around the moment. This, in turn, brings worries of how the state will handle the influx of people.

Yes, Texas roads are going to get more annoying, and during the event, there might people trying to pull over and look up at the event. Plus, all our favorite foods might disappear quicker than normal.

But there's one more thing that might worry Texans, and it's the fact the power grid of the state will be face challenges as well.

How Will The Texas Power Grid Be Affected By The Eclipse?

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As reported by KHOU 11, the main area that will be hit the hardest is the state's solar farms. During the reported times of 12:10 PM and 3:10 PM, solar power in Texas will be affected. But, for those worried, ERCOT has time to plan.

KHOU 11 states that during the moment, ERCOT will simply rely on power plants in the state to make up for the loss in energy.  Dr. Daniel Cohan, Rice University's Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering, told the news organization that "Plenty of power plants that aren't being used to their fullest that can ramp up and down when the wind and solar vary."

In addition, Cohen also told Texans that "Solar eclipses are rare and often decades can pass before a given state experiences full totality within the swath of this eclipse. So it's not something we need to worry about too often that an eclipse will affect our power grid."

So if you're worried, don't be! After all, we'll be seeing a major event for a short moment!

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