Let's face it: animals we keep around as pets truly make our lives better in so many ways. There's nothing like when you're living alone, coming home and saying hello to whatever pet is waiting for you at the door. It is certainly a boost to mental well-being after a potentially hard day at work.

But for other Texans who might not know who our furry friends are, it could be a potentially harmful situation. They may not know the pets, and vice-versa, the pets will certainly not know them. So there are ways to make sure people visiting someone's abode can feel safe.

One of the those ways concerns our friendly mail carrier individuals and, what has been depicted many times in media, the rivalry they have with dogs it seems like.

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One Paw Print Sticker To Alert Everyone

According to our friends at The Dogington Post (nice name by the way!) there is certain way that the USPS is using to alert their workers of a potentially hazardous situation with a dog. Through the use of two stickers, mailmen and mailwomen can be alerted to a potentially hostile dog near them.

The Dogington states that a yellow sticker on a mailbox means at the next home for an item distribution contains a canine. The abode where the doggo is will then have an orange sticker placed upon its mailbox. Now, this isn't necessarily to say a dog has attacked a mailperson recently, it is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

So, if you're walking around a Texas neighborhood and see an orange sticker, keep on moving! Nobody wants to get bit by dog, we'd rather shower them love, pets, and of course plenty of treats!

Speaking Of Pets People Keep:

Temple is a super pet-friendly place to live, but there are some animals city officials would really rather you not try to tame and keep in your home. Let's take a look at a few of the critters on the banned list.

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