Many of us have cars in the state of Texas.

When driving in the Lone Star State, we've all seen a vehicle that's certainly different from others. It could be the paint on the vehicle, or perhaps lights underneath it. Personality is certainly on display sometimes in The Lone Star State.

But with that personality, comes the chance that somebody else wants a certain vehicle. Why somebody would make the decision to steal another person's car is difficult to explain. But sadly, a Texan could lose their vehicle to another person's thievery.

But, what could be the number one car in Texas that is stolen? Could it be a high-end vehicle, or something less stylish. Thanks to data, we're able to discover the answer.

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The Most Stolen Car In Texas Is None Other Than...

To find out the answer, Way has the data of cars taken by thieves. So what could be the top car taken? It has to be a high end vehicle right? Like a Ferrari for example.


Thanks to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, Way was able to reveal the top ten cars in the Lone Star State that were taken illegally. So, without further ado, the number one vehicle stolen in Texas is none other than...Chevrolet Pick-Ups.

Yes, probably not the car one would have picked as the most stolen. Per the data, 9,382 pick-ups were taken by thieves. So to say the least, we were expecting a supercar to be taken at the top spot.

Remember to lock your cars in the state of Texas!

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