There are many simple pleasures in Texas that people enjoy.

From enjoying a good Texas BBQ, or taking in a good old fashioned Lone Star rodeo, there's so many things for Texans to love living in the state. But in addition to those things, there are collectors of specific items here in the state. A lot of items are sought by collectors.

It could be sports collectables, or vintage Texas history items. Someone in the state is bound to have something they keep close. It could be an unexpected thing too!

Collecting crayons isn't unexpected however. One man in Texas however, holds a distinction of having one very rare crayon. How rare you ask?

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One Man In Texas Has A Crayon That No Other Individual May Have


As reported by KENS 5, Richard Gwyn may be the most colorful man in the state of Texas, and probably the nation. As reported by the news organization, Gwyn owns close 50,000 crayons. Which is a remarkable number in its own right.

The 20 year collection is a combination of many different years of Crayola, with Gwyn even having some very rare crayons that no one could possible get again:

KENS 5 reports that while Gwyn was simply sorting through a box of crayons two years ago, he discovered a crayon that many believed to have been lost to time. The color in question you ask? Torch Red.

According to KENS 5, the crayon was named after someone very important:

"In 1997, Crayola launched a 'Search for True Blue Heroes' on specially marked crayon boxes..."Nominated by Bryan Wayne Purifoy, Torch Red was named in honor of True Blue Hero, Gary K. Woodring. These crayons were then put into a special collector's edition tin to honor all of the True Blue heroes in 1998."

To say the least, Gwyn is the crayon king, and may his collection continue to grow!

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